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Indigicare Connect

St George

Liz Hill 0 910

Indigicare Connect is a company which has been operational for the past 4 years. Director, Jennie Waters, is a Kamilaroi woman with extensive family ties across southern Queensland and North West NSW. During this time the company has provided health care services and education (Indigenous chronic disease; Indigenous mental health) across the Darling Downs and South West Queensland.Indigicare Connect aids the community in Indigenous Chronic Disease Care, Outreach work, Gaba Healing programs, GP support, NDIS support and Cultural Safety Training.

Meals On Wheels - St George

St George

Liz Hill 0 658

More than just a meal - Meals on Wheels has had a place in the hearts and homes of Australians for more than 50 years. Helping the frail older people and younger people with disabilities and their carers stay in their homes where most are happiest is at the heart of the matter.

Thallon Community Services Ltd


Liz Hill 0 587

TCS is a NotForProfit community entity established to support projects for the betterment of the small rural community of Thallon in Southern Queensland.