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Bollon Heritage Centre

07 4625 6108

Liz Hill 0 1084

If you do one thing in town, make it the Bollon Heritage Centre. Nestled in the heart of the main street, it's easy to spend the afternoon retracing Bollon's history. Even the keenest history buff will be pleasantly surprised by the range of artefacts and stories that narrate the town's rural history and Aboriginal culture. Be sure to check out the momentos of visiting politicians displayed on the walls.

Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre

07 4625 8411

Liz Hill 0 1115

South west of St George, Dirranbandi is a small country town that comes alive through the cotton harvest months. If you have heard of the famous Cubbie Station, then you will be interested to know that the largest irrigated cotton farm in the southern hemisphere is only a stone's throw away from this small town. As you drive into Dirranbandi, you'll pass by the town's levee bank which is famous for having saved the town from flooding on more than one occasion.

Many Tribes Gallery

St George

Liz Hill 0 637

Many Tribes Art Gallery - An amazing collection of Aboriginal Artwork, Opportunity to Talk with the Artists

Oakey Creek Ringer - Condamine Bell Maker and Blacksmith

St George

Liz Hill 0 2267
The iconic Australian Bell was first made by Condamine Blacksmith, Samuel William Jones, in 1868. Since then less than 10 blacksmiths have mastered the skill to produce the distinctive bell sound which can travel for miles. Barry Doonan & his Condamine Bells featured in Issue 60 of the R M Williams Outback Magasine.
In more recent years, Barry's elder son Michael Hawley continues the blacksmith tradition of making Condamine Bells.


0428 259 299

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The Unique Egg

St George

Liz Hill 0 979

In an unassuming small low set brick building in the main street of town, you will find the humble emu egg carved into a stunning, illuminated piece of art at the Unique Egg. Local character and artisan Steve Margaritis - or 'Stavros' as we know him - has carved an amazing variety of patterns and scenes on each egg and illuminated them. This is the world's only display of hand carved, illuminated emu eggs, which have been gifted as far as the White House!