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Meals On Wheels - St George

St George

Liz Hill 0 658

More than just a meal - Meals on Wheels has had a place in the hearts and homes of Australians for more than 50 years. Helping the frail older people and younger people with disabilities and their carers stay in their homes where most are happiest is at the heart of the matter.

PFD Food Services

St George

Liz Hill 0 1170

In 1943, J Hill’s directors were finding it increasingly difficult to operate within the government’s restrictive pricing control policy, so decided to form a company that sold processed fish, which was not liable to price control. It was then that Processed Fish Distributors (PFD) began supplying shark and whiting fillets,

During the years after the war, PFD expanded its product line to include items such as frozen peas, pies and ice cream, virtually halted its fish processing. As the name was no longer representative of the products sold, PFD changed the word ‘fish’ in its name to ‘food’.